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Categoria Productos

18 Karat Gold Plated

It is called plated or gold plated by the method used for making jewelry, which is to cover the garment with very thin layers of this material by a process known as electrolysis. 

The procedure is as follows: 

a.The garment is covered with a layer of copper on various materials some cases tin, brass and carbon. 

b. Then the garment is glazed with special shields that provide gloss and durability. 

C. At the end it is finished with a final product up 10 milligrams or 3 micron 18k gold which gives the garment a shiny look and makes it look is splendid. 

In the preparation of jewelry  several semi precious stones are used such as venturinas zirconias and the highest range of assorted gold jewelry made in factories in Brazil, which guarantee our clients  a high quality product used.

Silver 925

Silver 925 is called by its relation to the degree of purity containing the garment per thousand parts of it. 

That is, that the degree of the garment helps reduce oxidation significantly 

We have a wide variety of authentic Italian 925 silver, Thai silver, Colombian Silver adorned with gold layers 14k manually designed by Colombian jewelers. 

In our silverware we display large variety of stones among  aventurine,  onyx, swaroski, opal, pearl shell and amber.

Stainless Steel

Our steel  garments 316 gauge  makes it resistant to corrosion and weather, hardness in texture and deep shine. 

The stainless steel of our garments are used in the manufacture of various types of jewelry to look like omegas, chains, earrings, pendants and bracelets. 

The jewels are adorned with fine onyx stones, zirconia, or Murano Millefiori Glass that highlight the beauty of the garment.

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